Thursday, December 1

Work day begins: 7:00 AM This morning I started the month-end books, but will have to leave soon to make a run into Newport to take care of some errands. I’ll finish the month end books when I get back. Shop Opens: 12:00 AM I have a few hours to work in the shop this afternoon, but will have to quit early to get cleaned up and be back in Newport by 5:00. Marie and I have a couple of appointments to keep this evening. Click Me This afternoon I cut the half-lap joints where the center stile (vertical) crosses the drawer rails and milled the grooves where stiffener panels will be inserted behind false drawer fronts. Then I engaged in what I call fuss-budget fitting. This means carefully checking each joint for proper fit and making sure the grooves end in nice square corners – no bumps or lumps to cause problems later and making sure all joint fit properly. If a joint is too loose, then the glue will not hold – for glue (except epoxy) has no structural strength if it’s own. To get a well glued joint, the wood must be in firm contact so the glue will bond it. If a tenon wiggles in its mortise at all, the joint will fail and weaken the case. If a joint is too tight, then once glue is applied and the wood swells up a tad, it won’t go together. The tenon may seize up half-way into the mortise. Attempting to force a seized joint together with a mallet or clamps can cause other parts to break. A nice snug fit: not too tight but with no wiggle to it, when dry will produce a very strong joint once it’s glued. Workshop closes: 4:00 PM Time to get cleaned up, change into warmer clothes as I will be spending most of the evening outdoors and head back to Newport. Post notes. Work day ends: 4:15 PM

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