Tuesday, September 22

Roughing Filler Panels

Today we finished up roughing out the parts blanks by surfacing, jointing and gluing pieces into filler panels for the sides, back and door. More...

Monday, September 21

Resawing panel parts

Produced, burned and posted the weekly radio show in the morning. Spent the afternoon resawing and gluing up panels. Details are here. By day's end my parts cart is getting pretty well filled up with roughed-out parts blanks.

Thursday, September 17

Top Plate

I spent the day making more parts for David's desk. Most of these involved the same procedures we've used for the past few days. One, however, presented more of a challenge. (more...)

We're Baaaack!

We've been away for quite a while as we tried using an in-house blog page. In some ways that was actually easier than using Blogger, but in some ways it created problems. So, we're going to try using Blogger again and see if they've improved the reliablity of their interface since we were here before. Until we find out about that, we will also be posting to the in-house blog in case we have to return to using that.