Thursday, June 28

Thursday – Casework Frilly Bits

I busied myself today with making all the little frilly bits that will go inside the curio case. These included finishing up fitting the glass retainer strips in the front and back panels and the doors. These have mitered corners at the upper and lower corners of the pieces and butt joints where the retainers fit to the center rail. The final step will be to drill and countersink these strips for a couple hundred small, brass, flat head wood screws.
Once these were all in and held in place with my trusty painters tape, I milled out the neat little pieces that will support the fixed glass shelf. Now, working with thin, narrow pieces of wood at the router table is a great recipe for getting your fingers chewed up. To avoid this I mill the profile I need into both edges of a board wide enough to handle safely, then take it to the table saw and rip the completed moldings loose from the board. Tada! Nice moldings with no dips from the piece rolling over into the router bit and… no blood stains.

The final task for today was to use this same technique to produce some door-stop moldings: only ¼” square with one corner rounded over. Very tricky to do any other way.
My weird sized Forstner bit arrived on this afternoon’s UPS truck, so I can bore the door stiles for the locks tomorrow.
See you then,