Thursday, December 22

Work day begins: 5:30 AM Catching up on things this morning. First, let me fill you in on yesterday as I did not get the notes for yesterday posted. I got the shelf built and installed. I was planning on two shelves, but don’t think there would be any point in that as Jim & Ruth will probably be storing large items down there and two shelves would offer little space between, so one would get taken out anyway. I also rough milled the rail & stile stock for the four doors. I had to quit a bit early because Marie’s washing machine was due to arrive anywhere from 2:00 to 6:00 and the driver would be calling for directions, so I needed to be inside near the phone. Yes, I can take the cordless phone out to the shop, but I often don’t hear it ringing if I have equipment running, and if I can’t be running my tools, there’s little point in being out there. So I went through the catalogs and made up a materials list for the hardware needed for the island. I’ll get that ordered this afternoon. The washer arrived about 4:00 and they got it installed without too much fuss. When Marie got home she was quite pleased and ran several loads of wash. She said, “I love that new-washer smell!” This morning I have to take the truck in for servicing. We missed the last scheduled oil change and the bearings are starting to knock when it’s cold. I don’t like that sound. To me it’s saying, “Get out your wallet feller, cause if you don’t take care of this I’m going to need an overhaul.” We will see what’s left of the day when I get back. Click MeThere is plenty of daylight left but it’s so cold out today (got down in the low 20’s overnight and hasn’t gotten above 30 yet) that I can’t get the workshop warmed up. It will be back in the 50’s tomorrow. Today seems like a good day to work inside.

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