Wednesday, December 7

Work day begins: 7:00 AM I slept in again. Cold weather makes me lazy I guess – I just hate to abandon the nice warm bed to go knocking about in the cold. I guess I’d better get caught up, It’s been several days since I posted a Notes file. Things have been quite busy here and I’ve tended to be occupied. Monday was spent at Treasures Of Appalachia being the designated shopkeeper and bookkeeper, paymaster and dispenser of knowledge. Afterward I picked up Marie and we went to do some shopping. Didn’t get home until late, so I got very little accomplished that day. Tuesday was spent in the workshop making pieces parts for panels, and gluing these pieces parts into panels. I got both of the large panels glued up and one sanded smooth, will work on the other today. Then I’ll trim them to size and install them in the cabinet. I had to quit early yesterday because we had a CEDS presentation to attend. That lasted until late into the evening, so I got very little of my bookwork and web maintenance done. Shop Opens: 8:00 AM I went out earlier to build a fire, but it’s not warming up much. So I came back in for a bit to get started on today’s notes and catch you up on the past couple of days. Maybe if it’s sitting here on my desk top I’ll remember to post it tonight! Today I’ll sand the other large panel I made yesterday, trim both large panels to exact size and install them in the cabinet ends. I’ll also make and install the cabinet floor and the divider between the shelf and trash sections. OK, lets see if it warmer out there yet. It was tolerable. I shouldn’t complain though. I have relative in Nebraska. They have single digit temperatures and 6 inches of snow – according to their reports. Our lows at night are in the 20’s and daytime highs in the 40’s. No snow. I’m happy enough with this, thank you. So far I’ve got one large panel all trimmed down, sanded and installed in its cabinet end. The assembly is in clamps right now waiting for the glue to tack up. After lunch I’ll repeat the process with the other panel. Click Me OK, the other panel is trimmed to size, wiggled, sniggled and shaved to precise fit and installed in its slots. I did not glue that end frame together because I still have to fit the smaller upper panel in the hole above it. That panel is glued up now and I’ll trim it to size and install it tomorrow. I didn’t get the cabinet floor or divider done today. Too much time spent waiting for glue to tack up in the cold. Workshop closes: 5:00 PM Working on a special project for the City of Newport – I’m doing a fancy graphical map for their Christmas In The City event this weekend. Work day ends: 9:45 PM

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