Tuesday, December 20

Work day begins: 4:07 AM I’m still trying to get an estimate form to send out. Thought if I got up early and tried, the congestion on the Internet would be less and it might succeed. Not so – still can’t connect to our e-mail server. So I’ll continue working on the Treasures web sites inventory photos. The go build a fire in the shop. Shop Opens: 7:30 AM Today I am making and attaching the mounting blocks that will hold the butcher block top in place, and building the drawer box. Things to note: There are five mounting blocks. The holes through the four blocks around the perimeter are not normal holes… they are elongated into short slots. Why? Because wood expands and contracts across it’s width as the humidity changes. If the top were solidly screwed down to the casework, the force of the top expanding could pop corner joints. So I make allowances for this by allowing the wood to move – just a little – without causing problems. The block in the center is just a round hole the diameter of the screw that will pass through it, to keep the top where it belongs. Click MeThe drawer box is done and test fits nicely. The sun is going down, the heat stove has burned down and it’s getting chilly in here. This is a good stopping point, so I’ll go find something to work on inside. Workshop closes: 5:17 PM I need to do some searching on-line for some suitable drawer pulls. Wish me luck-- the Internet has not been kind to us lately. Heavy holiday traffic I suspect. Work day ends: 8:30 PM

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