Friday, December 9

Work day begins: 6:45 AM Check and respond to e-mail, print off an invoice for the dog feeder so Marie can deliver it today and go out to build a fire in the workshop. Shop Opens: 8:00 AM This is going to be a real short day as we are helping to administer the Christmas In The City – Downtown Newport this evening and we have to get there early to help get things set up – including erecting our big tent. It’s 18 by 27 feet, and takes quite a bit of assembly. Click MeThis morning I drilled the holes and installed the sockets for shelf pins, and installed the center panel in the cabinet. Then I turned my attention to making some nice marshmallow roasting sticks. Workshop closes: 12:00 PM Time to gather together all the stuff we’re going to need tonight and get ready to load the truck as soon as Marie gets here. The downtown thing went very well, and our marshmallow roasting station was a hit. Or at least our fire pit was a hit! We had 6 vendors and some live bluegrass in the tent. I’ll unload the truck tomorrow Work day ends: 10:20 PM

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