Tuesday, December 13

Work day begins: 6:30 AM Take care of some e-mail chores. I was hoping for a response from the gal who placed an order through Treasures last night. She asked that her order be shipped promptly because her purchase was a Christmas gift, but neglected to supply a shipping address! This is the sort of thing that has prompted me to install a proper shopping cart on the Treasures web site. The PayPal deal we’re currently using it pathetic at error checking. Time to go warm up the workshop. Shop Opens: 7:00 AM I’ve got to do a little cleaning up and putting away this morning. We’re getting to that point where having a large assembly sitting in the middle of my workspace makes it difficult to work on other stages of the project. Oh, it’s going to be nice to expand the workshop! So far I’ve gotten the flap-door cut, trimmed and installed, but I’m not sure I’m happy with it: the piano hinge is a bit too visible. I may cut another door and install the hinge flat on the inside instead of atop the door flap. Click MeI’ve got all the blanks for the drawer fronts cut and jointed. The first pair are glued and in clamps now. The others will follow this afternoon as the clamps become free. I didn’t get a whole lot more done… the pairs of drawer front blanks are glued up. Those I worked in as I worked on another project that presented itself as needing to be done today – before it starts raining again. Workshop closes: 5:00 PM This evening I’ll post an article for the Tourism Council in which we were involved. Then map out our route for tomorrows trip to “the city” for supplies and a washer. Work day ends: 9:15 PM

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