Friday, December 2

Work day begins: 4:00 AM Perform the monthly web site updates, handle e-mail, process an order. Shop Opens: 7:30 AM This morning I will continue cutting grooves for panels in the rails and stiles and doing the fussy-fitting. I’ll also mill & install floor supports, mill & install inner drawer rail, mill & install the top spreader. This is all done, the new parts are glued in place and clamped. I can still take the ends of the casework apart to insert the stiffeners and fill panels once they’re built. Time for lunch. Then I’ll have to dig out the materials I’ll need to start making panels. Click MeHere we have the frame all assembled (mostly without glue) and the stiffener panels in place. These panels are used behind the false drawer fronts because this unit presents a special challenge. In order to keep the unit as small as possible, yet have as large as possible of doors, the rails are thinner than I would normally make them. This means the mortise & tenon joints are narrower as well. Since this island will be used as a cutting block and work surface, it’s going to get leaned on quite a bit. To keep the frame works as rigid as possible, I installed these BBP stiffener panels into tightly fitting groves. They work as bracing to back-up the joints. Workshop closes: 4:30 PM We’re going to a Christmas party in Newport tonight, so I have to get cleaned up and dig out some clean overalls. (grin) Work day ends: 5:15 PM

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