Monday, December 19

Work day begins: 6:20 AM Build a fire in the workshop. Bookkeeping and web site chores. Check and respond to e-mail. Shop Opens: 7:30 AM To start the day, I slice up the blank I made for drawer fronts (15/16” thick) into individual drawer front blanks, course sand and trim them to exact size. This completes the do-over work from last week. Start the time clock again. Now I set up the table saw with my new tall fence and cut the beveled edges onto the drawer fronts. All went well: no glitches. No utterances of “Oh Drat! Next I notch the back sides of the drawer fronts to fit into the recesses where the stiffener panels are. This will keep them from sliding around in the future. Then drill holes for the mounting screws and drive one screw per drawer front in from the inside to hold the false fronts in place temporarily. I’ll have to remove them again to do the finish sanding and to bore the fronts for pulls – once we find suitable pulls – so there’s no point in attaching them too well just yet. A little sanding and primping and it’s time to quit. Click MeHere is the cabinet with the toe kick attached and the drawer fronts installed. Workshop closes: 5:00 PM Did I mention that I’m putting together a more detailed article on construction of this island? Well, I am. You can see it by clicking here. It’s not complete yet, but I’ll work on it as time permits. I also have to continue working on the new Treasures of Appalachia store site. It takes a lot of work to get it set up, but will take much less work to maintain it later on. Work day ends: around 10:00 PM Marie needs this computer, so I have to go ahead and post my notes and move to the other computer.