Thursday, December 8

Work day begins: 5:00 AM This morning I’m trying to get caught up on some bookkeeping and web site maintenance that I’ve leg go because it’s cold in the mornings. Shop Opens: 8:00 AM I started this morning by sizing, trimming and installing the small panel for the cabinet end and gluing and clamping that end assembly together. After lunch I’ll lay-out and cut the floor panels. These are tricky because they have to notch around the tenon on the center post and around the columns in each corner. Click MeThis afternoon I succeeded in get in the floor panels cut and installed, and the center divider cut, and in making the rather tricky little backer strips that will hold the center panel in place. I can’t mount the panel until I get the shelf pin holes drilled. I’ll do that tomorrow. Now I have to put a finish on a dog feeder station I’ve been working on so we can deliver it this weekend. Workshop closes: 5:45 PM More additions and changes to be made to the Newport In The City map I volunteered to produce. The event is tomorrow – I hope they are finished with the changes! Work day ends: 9:30 PM

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