Monday, December 26

Workday Begins: 6:30 AM

I’m spending this early morning time working on e-mail messages that were flagged for follow-up but not yet attended to, and working on the In The News section of the Treasures web site.


I had all our news clippings glomped together into one long page for each year… thought it would make browsing through the clippings easier that way.  But it takes so long for those pages to load that if you’re interested in an article near the bottom of the page you will be waiting an awful long time for the pictures to come in.  If I were to convert the website from HTML to PHP I could set it up so that a visitor could choose to look at articles one at a time or elect a “show all” option and just read as they come in.  But that is probably more work than benefit at this point.


I’m not sure what this day will hold.  Technically, this is a work day like any other, and I ought to be in the shop making sawdust like any other.  But the boss has decided to take a day off, and my presence may be required.  I know we are doing the breakfast in bed thing this morning (my suggestion) so I will not get to the workshop at my usual time.  But it is expected to be a warm day, if rainy, so I’d hate to squander the whole thing holidaying.


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