Friday, December 16

Work day begins: 7:00 AM It’s cold out this morning – well, cold for here: 29° -- so it will take a little while to warm up the workshop. I’ve got a fire going. Shop Opens: 8:00 AM Oops… I’ll start the day off by fixing a boo-boo. I made the drawer fronts ¾ inch thick because that’s pretty standard for drawer fronts. But measurements that Jim sent me reveal that the other drawers in his kitchen are almost an inch thick. So, I need to glue up some new drawer front blanks. Click Me While the glue dries on those I’m building the toe-kick base that goes under the main cabinet. I’m installing the fixed casters because I picked those up in Morristown the other day, but I couldn’t find the leveler/feet I want under the other end, so I’ll have to mail order those. I also cut a mess of screw hole plugs and plugged up all the holes. Those have to set overnight so the glue will set up so I don’t yank them back out while trying to trim them flush. So… it’s time to quit for the day. Workshop closes: PM I’m going to work a bit on the article I’m doing as I build this island. I’ve been taking lots of pictures and will add the discussion part as I can. That will be active soon and will cover such fascinating things as how to cut your own screw hole plugs. I’ll probably work until 10:00 or so as usual, but will post these notes now so Marie can have this computer. I’ll go do the rest of my work from the other one. Work day ends: @10:00 PM

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