Friday, December 30

Status report

Today was another mixed bag of a day.  I should have been out stacking lumber since it is not raining today, but I over-did it a bit the last time and I’m still “stove-in” as Marie put it and I’ve been ordered to find some light duty stuff to do today.


<a href=""><img alt="Click Me" hspace="5" src="" width="200" align="left" /></a> I went out to the shop long enough to check on the billets I milled out a few days ago and assure myself that they have to twisted or warped as they’ve dried out.  They seem to be OK.


The pulls I ordered arrived yesterday, so I fired the extra one off to Jim for final approval.  They look like they may be a tad too dark in color judging from the pictures he sent.  If they’re just a little off, but everything on the Island matches, it may work out just fine since the island is not going to be up against their cabinets.  If they’re way off I’ll have to return them and try to locate a lighter finish in the same make and model.


Most of the day today I’ve been working on the article about building the island: cropping and formatting pictures, producing thumbnail images and writing the text.  I should have a considerable amount of it done and ready to post this evening.


I hear the UPS truck coming up our drive; that will be the rest of the hardware I need.  ‘Scuse me a moment…


OK, I’m back.  It’s all there and the hinges are a perfect match for the pulls I’ve got.  I think we’ll have to go with what we’ve got and hope Jim and Ruth will be happy with it.


Time to get back to my writing and uploading of picture files.


Have a great New Years!


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