Thursday, December 15

Shop Opens: 7:30 AM Yesterday’s supply run to Morristown was fairly successful. Marie found a good deal on a name brand washing machine, and I found a couple of things I needed. No luck on finding the pulls I need for Jim & Ruth’s island, though. I’ll start searching the internet this evening. If I can’t find them there, I’ll have to get hold of Jim and ask if he remembers who refaced his cabinets and see if they can suggest a source. I’ve got a fire going in the workshop and will look at e-mail while it’s warming up some. Then I’ll get started on drawer fronts – after I package up another order that has to go out from on-hand stock. I’ve gotten the drawer front blanks milled and trimmed to precise size and sanded. Now it’s time to turn my attention to building a new tool. In order to cut the long bevels on the edge of the drawer fronts and the center panels of the doors, I need to build a “tall fence” attachment for my table saw. I’ll build it from a scrap 2x8 and a left-over piece of ½” Baltic Birch ply. Click Me The purpose of this attachment is to support wide panels (like doors) securely in a vertical position as I pass them through the table saw with the blade tilted about 5° to cut that edge bevel. The better way to do this is with a big bit in a shaper – but I don’t have a shaper. But with a little ingenuity, a good table saw, the proper blades and a fixture or three a woodworker can get by without things like a shaper and a jointer. I have to let the poly dry overnight, so will go work on a couple of bids that have been sitting on my desk for eons. Workshop closes: 4:30 PM Working on bids and bookwork. Work day ends: 9:55 PM

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