Wednesday, November 30

Work day begins: 6:45 AM I’m taking a quick peek at e-mail, then heading out to heat up the workshop. It got down into the 30s last night, so the shop will be chilly this morning – a fire will be warranted. Shop Opens: 7:00 AM This morning I’m cutting the tenons onto the ends casework rails I milled yesterday. This will consume the morning. This afternoon I’m cutting the mortises into which the tenons I cut earlier will fit. Click Me Then I’ll trim this-n-that to make it all fit nicely. This consumed the afternoon. The case is basically assembled – but not glued together as I still have some things to do before I can make it permanent. Workshop closes: 6:00 PM Write up my notes so they’ll be ready to post when I’m done, and see what else needs to be done before I quit for the day. OK, that’s all that really needs doing. Work day ends: 6:45 PM

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