Tuesday, November 29

Work day begins: 5:30 AM Log on and post notes from yesterday, as my internet connection was not working well last night and the Blogger – which is always slow to respond – was not working at all. Not Bloggers fault, none of the web sites I tried to order supplies from were available either. Too many people on-line all at once, I suspect, and the servers were overloaded. Now I will continue my pursuit of supplies. Shop Opens: 7:15 AM Trim the casework parts to finished size (except the corner stiles). Lay out tenons and grooves. Cut locked miters on corner stiles. Mill miter lock strips. Begin gluing corner posts together. Click MeThis piece of furniture uses a locked-miter corner where the corner stiles meet. I use it for several reasons: 1) It’s very strong, making it almost impossible for a panel to pop loose or for the casework to shift out of alignment. 2) It is less costly and more stable than milling the corner post from a solid piece of wood. 3) It makes a very pretty corner. By careful grain matching, I can wrap the grain around the corner. This is especially effective when quarter sawn graining is evident. But, the thing is tricky to make. To get a proper, square corner, the beveled cut must be exactly 45°: if it is 44° or 45.5° it will produce a corner post that is not square and won’t line up properly with the rails that will be tenoned into it’s mortises. Workshop closes: 6:00 PM Post notes and do some bookkeeping. Work day ends: 7:45 PM

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