Thursday, January 5

Yesterdays posting

Work day begins: 7:00 AM I need to take care of a little on-line banking this morning and look in on the e-mail. Shop Opens: 8:00 AM This morning I will be smoothing down the halves of the island top using a surface planer. Click Me The top has been surfaced, jointed and glued together. After the glue sets up I will be able to do the finish trim across the ends and it will be ready to begin sanding. I got the thumbs-up from Jim last night: the pulls I found are a match, so I spent the rest of the morning making a lay-out guide and drilling mounting holes in the drawer fronts for the pulls. I won’t actually mount them until after these pieces have been stained and finished. When I got back from my after lunch walk, I inspected the island top and saw that the two halves had slid about 1/4" out of alignment, so the ends are nowhere near flush. I could trim them flush again, but the top would be 1/32 inch shorter than I planned. I had left a little for the final trim, but not enough to cover this. Then I noticed that I had -- somehow -- managed to put one of the halves into the clamps upside down. That's bad. That’s very bad. It throws the grain color scheme off entirely. “Well”, I thought, “I'll just break them apart and do it again... It's only been a couple of hours, the bond can't be that strong yet.” Click Me I laid a couple of thick bar clamps on the floor, laid the top across the clamps with the clamps under the outer edges. I then proceeded to stand, then jump on the middle of the top, trying to pop the newly glued joint apart. No go. That Titebond III wood glue is really tough stuff! I'm going to have to run the monster through my table saw to separate the parts so I can glue them back together the right way. As Winnie The Pooh would say, "Oh bother!" OK, the booboo is fixed and all is right with the world once again. Workshop closes: 4:53 PM

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