Tuesday, January 3

Work day begins: 6:48 AM Checking e-mail, I find 4 inquiries to handle this morning. Shop Opens: 8:00 AM This morning I will apply the finish to the stain sample boards I made up yesterday and get them ready to mail out. The rest of the morning will be spent gluing up the other half of the island top. Click Me The other half of the top is glued up and will sit in clamps overnight. I lacquered the drawer box, installed the slides, and attached the drawer front. The drawer is now complete. Of course, I’ll have to take it apart again when I stain the casework. There is no more I can do this afternoon. Tomorrow I’ll plane the top pieces, joint them and glue them together. Workshop closes: 3:55 PM The rest of the afternoon and this evening will be spent working on web site stuff.

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