Thursday, January 12


Work day began: 7:00 am


Yesterday I set up the rail & stile router but set and routed some test pieces.  Using the test pieces I calculated that the finished length and width for the door frame parts needed to be, trimmed those parts to their finished dimensions and routed the fancy grooves and ogees on the inner edges. 


These details not only accept the raised panel that will go into them, but make it so that the ends of the rails mate up with the profile on the stiles for a good strong corner joint using a modified stub tenon.  Except that the top mortise cheek is shaped to lay against the roman ogee.


You see this joint in most professionally made doors with profiles edges.  Flat panel, square edged doors can use a standard mortise & tenon joint.


The results were good and all four doors came out well.


Then I used the completed frame to measure the precise size that the filler panels need to be and trimmed them to that size.


Finally, I set up the monstrous panel raiser bit in the router table and installed the auxiliary fencing.  The bit is to large that it won’t fit inside the regular fence.


I’ll work on that phase tomorrow.


I had to quit a little early to get cleaned up, retrieve Marie and get to the Pre-Grand Opening party at the new Lowes in Newport.  Marie was representing the Tourism Counsel and asked me to escort her.


Work Day Ended: 3:30 pm

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