Friday, January 13

Work day begins: 6:30 am Going out to build a fire in the heat stove, it’s chilly and damp this morning. Rain is coming in later on. It will be a good day to be working in doors. I have some e-mail to answer while the shop heats up. Several inquiries, and an invitation to go to Hawaii to go lumber shopping with Stew. I’ll have to decline that I’m afraid… just can’t get away this year. Pity. This morning I’m making the raised panels for the doors. Then I’ll test fit them into the rails and stiles I made yesterday. If all is well, I’ll glue the frames together (with the raised panels inside). Should get that done by lunch. Lunch time. All went well and the doors are glued up and sitting in clamps. After lunch and a mail run I’ll remove the clamps, route the outer edges and sand the rails and stiles. I sanded the panels before gluing up the doors. This afternoon I installed the hinges, hung the doors and built the baffle above the trash can. This completes construction. Tomorrow I’ll take some time to put things away and clean up. Then Monday I plan to begin the finishing stage. Shop closes 5:30 pm. This evening I'll continue to try to update web sites. Our internet service from BellSloth has become pitifully slow: less than 1 kps of data throughput most times. taht makes wen site maintenance difficult

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