Wednesday, January 25

Work day begins: 6:45 AM Today I spent the day roughing-out the blanks I’ll need for parts. To start with I cross-cut the full length boards into smaller, more manageable pieces sized according to what part I planned to make from them. Then I surface planed the chunks to the proper thicknesses, edged the boards and rip sawed then into slightly oversized pieces; one for each individual part. I also jointed, doweled and glued up the seat blank. Tomorrow I will begin on the process of actually producing finished parts. This afternoon I also did some more work on those cherry trays that are in for repairs. They should be done now, as long as sawdust didn’t get into the fresh polyurethane. And I did some photography work on a couple of new products for the Treasures store. Workshop closes: 4:00 PM It’s a little early, but this is a good stopping point… and my back is still bothering me from re-stacking all that lumber yesterday. So I’ll go get my notes together and ready to post and work on web site stuff for a while. To view the detailed construction article on this piece, click here.

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