Thursday, January 12


Workday begins: 6:00 am


I’ll try getting my notes started this morning, then maybe I’ll remember to send it this evening.  I’ve been unable to post my notes using the on-line Blogger form because of the extreme slowness of our internet connection.  Since a couple of week before Christmas, this has been a problem and no one seems to know what the problem is.


Posting messages via e-mail is an alternate method that seems to work OK, except that I can do no formatting and embed no links or photos.


We are looking into the problem.


Today will be a mixed-bag of a day.  We have to be back at Lowes for the official grand opening at mid day, but I plan to work in the shop before and after.  That’s my plan.


This morning however, I need to get some urgent web site updates done.  And I found this mornings’ e-mail to contain a new order to be processed, and another bid request to get started.  I’ve been working on those.


Change of plans. – I have to go to the post office to ship out this order we received from on-hand stock.  Then, Marie tells me, we have an appointment with the Tourism Director prior to the grand opening at Lowes.


When we’re done at Lowes, we’ll be heading to Sevier County



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