Monday, January 16

Work day begins: 6:45 AM Heading out to build a fire in the workshop heat stove. After breakfast and seeing Marie off on her appointed rounds I got started dismantling the completed island in preparation to staining. Then, vacuumed the shop well and laid newspaper out over my work spaces. Then we begin staining the all the parts. This will take most of the day. The drawer fronts, drop door and self are stained and looking good. I’ll let them set up a bit during lunch then should be able to safely move them aside to make room for the cabinet doors. Afternoon break time and the doors are stained and drying -- just the casework to go. Click MeAll the staining work is done, now it has to sit overnight and cure. Hopefully there will be enough residual heat in the shop to hold out for a few more hours. The curing process stops when the temperature drops below around 45 degrees. It’s around 60 degrees in there now, but the sun is going down and the outside temperatures will drop off quickly. Workshop closes: 4:00 PM This evening I will attempt to work on the Kitchen Island article. I may have to build the web pages here and wait to upload the files until next Sunday when I can sit in the Community Center’s Internet hot spot to upload them. We’ll see how it goes.

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