Tuesday, January 24

Work day begins: 7:00 AM Today I needed to pull the Hickory I’ll be needing to build Iliff’s rocking chair. But the hickory is buried under some Chestnut Oak, so I need to move that off to get access to the Hickory. I have been planning to put the Chestnut Oak on top of a short pile of Honey Locust, across the aisle from it. But I also need to stash some Aromatic Cedar in that stack, and the cedar is not going to be used for anything for a long time, so it needs to be on the bottom. That means moving the locust off first, then stacking the cedar and re-stacking the locust back on top of it. That occupied the morning. After lunch I opened up the Oak & Hickory pile and moved the Chestnut Oak over on top of the Honey Locust. Then I found Cherry, White Oak, Walnut and Poplar mixed in that pile as well. Rather than leave this a “mixed” pile, I decided to put these woods where they belong… might as well do it right. But that meant pulling the concrete blocks and sheets of tin off of most every pile in the yard, sort these boards into the proper piles and put the lids back on. That took most of the afternoon. Once I finally got down to the Hickory I selected the boards I needed and carried them into the shop. Here they will stand vertically for a while to see if they will tend to curl or warp. I saw a tag on the pile stating that this lumber had been stacked on 09/23/2004, so it should be good and dry and I don’t expect it to do anything unruly. Then I dug around in my patterns cabinet and located the template set for our Mission Rocker, sorted the templates out by thickness of stock and double checked to be sure I had enough stock standing by. I occupied the rest of my afternoon with a little cleaning up in the workshop. Workshop closes: 5:00 PM I have an assortment of web site maintenance chores to get caught up on this evening, I’ll get to those right after dinner. But first I’ll try to post these notes.

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