Monday, January 23

Intermission Work day begins: 6:44 AM The previous project has been completed and delivered, but before I dive into the next I’m going to take some time to tie up some loose ends. I have a couple of TV Trays that came in for repairs. These folks said they just love their tables, use them daily and will be lost without them. I want to get them done quickly so I can send them back. I also have some bookkeeping to do this morning. And, the first step of any project is pulling the lumber I’ll need, but it’s raining again this morning. It’s supposed to clear up and be nice tomorrow, so that’s one more reason to use today for catching up and cleaning up. It’s a good thing I didn’t go pull lumber the first thing this morning. I would have pulled oak for the quilt curios that are next on the list. But I got a message from Marie letting me know that there is still a problem with those, so I need to go on to the next project. That would be the hickory rocking chair for Iliff. Click Me The repairs on the trays are just about done. I want to put one more skim-coat of poly on these just to be sure, then they’ll be ready to box up and send back. Workshop closes: 5:30 PM This evening I’m going to proof-read and tweak the article we posted over the weekend covering construction of the Kitchen Island we just delivered. Then it’s off to bed for me. These rainy Mondays wear me out even when I don’t do much.

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