Thursday, January 19

The Final Day Today was spent reassembling and testing everything. But first the early morning was spent trying to re-establish communications with our e-mail server. That was an adventure! Click Me It all looks good to us. I had to wait for help to arrive before rolling the thing back over on its feet – it’s a little too bulky/heavy for me to do this alone. Workshop closes: 6:15 PM This evening I will be working on the pictorial article on this project, although I will not be able to post the latest pictures until this weekend when I have access to a reliable connection. BellSloth is still very slow and fluky. Then I’ll work on some bids. We have several piled up to attend to. Tomorrow I will wrap the island for delivery. Since Jim & Ruth live not too far from here, we will deliver it to them ourselves this weekend. So my next posting will be on Monday. Have a good weekend!

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