Tuesday, January 3

With the final coats of satin lacquer applied and hard, it's time to assemble the three components into a completed cradle.

I start by running a half-dozen screws up just through the bottom plate.  I'll use the tips of these screws to engage the related pilot holes in the lower edge of the sides.  Because the sides angle outward the shank holes through the base also angle, making it unwise to run the screws up very far before trying to engage them with their pilot holes.  This requires some peaking through cracks and wiggling.
Once those are in and snugged up I install the rest for the screws.

Mounting the rockers is easy by comparison.  I use a ruler to get them centered side to side and front to back then run the pocket hole screws down into the base to hold them secure.
And we're done!

All that remains is to decide how I'm going to get this cradle to Gary in Arizona (anyone going that way?)

In the past we had an account with a trucking company and would crate and ship all larger furniture that way.  But LTL trucking fees have skyrocketed with the rising fuel costs and we haven't used that company in a couple of years, preferring to focus on smaller pieces that can be shipped FedEx.

I will be checking with FedEx to see if they will accept this as an over sized shipment or if it would be considered too large and have to go via their freight division.

I have much to do, I'd better go do it.  Thanks for following along with this project, I hope you enjoyed it!

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