Friday, January 27

On Wednesday I assembled the stand for Robin's tray table set, finish sanded it and shot it with three coats of lacquer.  This was another long day, working until dinner time (about 7:00 PM) then going back after the meal to shoot the final coat.

Yesterday I packaged the trays and stand so they will do no harm to one another in transit, bundled them together with stretch wrap and packed them into a box for shipping.

I probably go into overkill on my packaging.  So many things we get are just tossed in a box with a few air pillows or foam peanuts for cushioning.  I feel a possibly irrational need to make sure the piece of furniture is secured against shifting and protected against being tossed around by dock apes.

We've only lost one shipment to the handlers in transit, and they ran over that one with a truck!

Robin's tables are on their way.  My orders queue is empty and I'm planning for new things.  We do have a few projects on the slate that you may find interesting; a big headboard made from old barn wood, and a tabletop/desk organizer for bills and mail.  But I won't do those as a day-by-day posting, they'll go up as finished articles.  In between project articles I'll post lessons and tips on woodworking techniques.  I plan to post new stuff weekly.

I hope you'll continue to pop in from time to time.

Have a great weekend!

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