Thursday, January 19

Latch & Leg Blocks

I came in at my usual time this morning and set about taking care of the bookkeeping and communications chores that *someone* has to do if this thing is going to run smoothly at all (and since I'm the only one here anymore that kinda points the finger at me).  Then, just as I was getting up to go out into the shop... the place goes dark; power outage. 

With no power, we have no lights, no power tools, no way to get much work done.  Fortunately I do have windows, and the window in my assembly room admitted enough light that I could remove the clamps and do the construction sanding on the trays.

I'm only going to build the three tables and a stand that I need to fill current orders right now.  I have parts made for the other 4, but will complete those later so I don't delay these.

 When the power came back on I rounded the outer edges of the trays and set them aside for a bit.
 Then I made up the leg mounting blocks and the latch blocks.
Then I made the latch tabs, fitted them to the latch blocks and assembled them.  When the glue was set up sufficiently I sanded the assemblies.  They are now ready to attach to the trays.  I'll do that tomorrow.

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