Monday, January 9

Lumber Prep

Over the weekend we went to town and bought a 4' x 8' sheet of cabinet grade birch plywood.  Today I broke it down into 12 tray table backer panels.  The first step is to lay out the cuts then make the first cross-cut with a hand held circular saw; my shop is not arranged for working with full sheets of plywood and I do not have 6 feet of empty space to the left of the saw.

Once the panel is cut into two smaller pieces I can make the remaining cuts on the table saw, which yields much straighter, smoother cuts.
The panel is cut into 4 segments with a left-over that will get set aside for use on something else.

Then I cut the smaller panels into backers.  I get 12 backers out of a sheet of plywood.  I'll set those aside for now.
Next I select a few nice, straight grained boards.  One gets ripped it into 3 segments.  These get resawn on the band saw to make 6 rail blanks.  Don't worry, these are overly long and I will cut off the wormy bit on the end of the middle one.

The other boards get ripped into 1" square pieces that will be cut to length and milled down into legs. 

And I'm about out of time for today: a short afternoon because this is Monday and most of each Monday is spent working on a radio program and updating web sites for my various clients on that front.

Hope to see you gain tomorrow!

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