Wednesday, January 18

Tray Rails

 I started the day by pre-finishing the tray panels with one coat of lacquer.  I do this to prevent a sliver of unfinished wood from pulling out of the groove in the rail when the weather dries out.  It's almost always humid here in the Smoky Mountains, so unless you live in Atlantis it will probably be drier where you are than it is here and the panels will draw up some.
 While the lacquer dries I mill out the tray rails.  I miter the ends as I cut them to length, mill the panel groove and round over the inner-upper edge.  Then I sand the inside face only.

Because I cut the rails from a long piece of stock I mark the mating corners with making tape to be sure I'll get them back on in order so the grain flows around the tray.
 Dry fitting (no glue) to test the fit.
Very carefully apply glue in the strategic places and apply clamps.  These will sit overnight to let the glue reach maximum hold before I remove the clamps.

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