Friday, January 20

Completing the Trays

 The majority of the morning was spent hand sanding the tray rails, leg blocks and latch blocks to 180 grit.  This is the finish sanding.  It takes a while to get it right.
 Then I glued and clamped the parts together.
When the clamps came off I re-sanded the spots where the clamps were just to remove the shiny pressure spot that is sometimes left behind.

Then each tray went into the finishing room for a good coat of lacquer. I want to get at least one full coal on all the trays today
I had planned on finishing my lumber stacking tomorrow (Saturday) but the weather guesser is saying that we have an excellent chance of rain for tomorrow.  So between lacquer shoots I went out and worked on moving the dry cherry lumber from the rack in the foreground on top of the new cherry stack in the back ground.  It's already higher than I am tall.  It's OK as long as I can stand on the low stack to reach up to the top of the tall stack, but as the front one gets lower and the back one gets taller I'll have to get out a ladder and start scurrying up that to reach the top of the Cherry stack.

By the end of the day the lumber is all put away and I have one coat of lacquer on each of the trays.  Since I spent time today doing tomorrows work.I'll come in tomorrow and finish up today's work of lacquering the trays.

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