Thursday, January 5

 Gary and I have managed to connect regarding payment and shipping of his cradle, so I'll begin the process of making inserts to cushion the cradle and fitting it into a large box: I knew the monstrous box our new kitchen sink came in would prove useful!  I'll have to strap the flaps together to become part of the sides and make up a new top as well as fitting blocks of Styrofoam to keep it positioned and supported during shipping, but I've done all that many times.  Note to self: make sure it will go through the door once it's done!
 I also brought in walnut and oak for the TV Tray Tables I'll be building next.  We're just about out of walnut - and good walnut has become very scare around here, thus exceptionally expensive - so this will be the last round of tables in walnut and red oak.  I'll probably switch to cherry and red oak, possibly cherry and maple.  I'll have to make up a test piece to see how each looks.
As I get ready to prepare the stock, I also pull down my template and fixture set.  These bits of plywood and lumber will be all the instruction I need to build the Tray Table sets and insure that they come right.

I don't know that I'll do a step by step series on these again - we've done that quite a few tikes on this blog - but I will post progress reports for those who are waiting to order tables.

Thanks for checking in!

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