Tuesday, February 27

Tuesday – Final Assembly

NOTE: Blogger is not accepting my photos again. I'll post this and add photos another time. Sorry. * * * * * 0040Today was a fairly quiet day – little was done involving power tools. This was about it; here I am rounding over the outside edges of the tray on a router table. While some woodworkers claim that knife sharp edges are the hallmark of high craftsmanship (and go to great lengths to achieve them) I don’t care for the look and especially not for the feel of sharp, square edges. I like furniture to feel comfortable, friendly, maybe even a bit sexy under my hands, so I round over edges and sand way the sharp edge of even the edges left more or less square. It’s just a personal preference. 0041From here on out all the sanding is done by hand with a piece of 100 grit paper wrapped around a narrow block. With this I take the edge off of the inside edge of the tray, remove burn marks the router left, pencil lines and any roughness left over from milling and glue-up. This is not a finish sand yet, we’re still in construction mode, but this cleans things up ready for finish sanding. 0042Then I attach the leg sets we completed before to the tray tops by gluing the leg mount block and the latch block in place and clamping them. Now it’s time to find something else to do for a while – so I went out and shoveled some dirt around. Such fun! r-0043 At the end of the day I can remove the clamps and set the trays on the stand. They will need more sanding, but construction is now complete, Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be out of the shop in order to help with a project at Treasures of Appalachia. This will most likely take all day. See you Thursday. Doug-Bob

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