Monday, February 12

Monday – Jes Piddlin’

I’m sorry for the lapse in our “daily” notes. Things have been a bit weird here for a few days. I took Dan’s sewing cabinet to the O.D.F.L. dock in White Pine last Wednesday and sent it on it’s way, then spent the rest of the day taking care of some personal chores that have been piling up – as long as I have the truck, I might as well make the most of it! On Thursday I surfaced the hickory I’d brought in for Carol’s tray tables. This makes it easier to see the grain patterns and colors. This will be important since she has specific instructions about coloration on the various parts of her tables. I was waiting for the second payment on carol’s order to come in before I actually started chopping up all that lumber. It hadn’t come yet, so I started in on one of those little “work it in when we have time” jobs. This one was a special sign for the County Tourism Department. On Friday Marie and I attended a big home & garden show in Knoxville. Today I completed the County’s cross-buck sign. This afternoon Carol gave us authorization to run the second payment against her credit card, so we’re set to go next time. Tomorrow morning Marie and I will deliver the cross-buck and have a meeting with the county E.D.C. director. He’s a busy man so he won’t keep us long , I’ sure. After that we’ll need to go shopping for a new camera. Our digital camera just died; always says the batteries are dead even when I put fresh ones in or it’s been sitting on it’s charger all night. Generally it costs almost as much to fix one as it does to replace it and this one is pretty old anyway. But I should be in the workshop in the afternoon. Doug-Bob

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