Friday, February 2

Friday – Shooting Lacquer

It was a cold, drizzly day today. Not as cold as it has been though – which is good because today I must balance my need for warmth against my desire not to be blown to bits.

Warmth is needed not only for my own comfort, but to get the lacquer to lay-out properly and to dry. It is quite humid today which will slow the drying process but low temperatures compound the problem. But, lacquer fumes are very flammable and my shop is heated by a wood burning stove. Flames and volatile vapors can result in a spectacular fireball. Discretion is advised. Lacquer vapor is also deadly so I will don my Doug-Vader breathing apparatus. Lacquer, like most finishes, are perfectly safe once the thinner has evaporated or cured out of them.

It took all day, but I got all the various parts shot with two good coats. Next time I will scuff sand and polish them, then put it all back together.


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