Friday, February 16

Friday – Ribbon Panels

I spent the day today gluing up 8 halves of ribbon panels. When the halves are glued together they will become the tray tops for Carol’s tables.

The process began yesterday when I cut about a bazillion narrow strips. OK, it wasn’t really a bazillion; let’s see – 16 ribbons per table x 4 tables = 64 ribbon strips. The were make by slicing 1” thick boards into 3/8” wide strips. I chose boards that displayed interesting grain patterns.

Today I took those strips, kept sequential as they were cut off, laid them flat and edge glued them into half-panels. I can’t do full panels because they would be 16” wide and my surface planer will only accept stock 13” wide. So I have to make up halves, plane them smooth, then joint the halves and glue them into full panels.

It required a lot of clamps, and I used the warmth of the woodstove to help cure the glue in my chilly workshop so I could free up the clamps to do another panel a little more quickly. This worked well and I got all 8 half-panels done. Now the glue can cure solid and they’ll be ready to plane next time.

Have a great weekend!


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