Thursday, February 15

Thursday – Back to work

Birthday week is over and we’re both knuckling down and getting back to work this morning. My birthday was last Wednesday, Marie’s was yesterday. I worked on my birthday, so Marie said I should take yesterday off and we’d both enjoy a day off at home together. But I went out early this morning to get a fire going in the woodstove and get the workshop warmed up – it’s 22° out this morning. Cold for us. In Nebraska, where my Dad lives, they had a low of -4° last night. BRRRR! Kind of sheds a new light on our +22°. Today I got all the hardwood parts for Carol's 4 TV tray tables and a stand roughed out. Sorry, no picture, the camera died and our new one has been delayed by bad weather in Laurel MD. It should be here tomorrow. The parts are not much to look at yet anyway. Doug-Bob

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