Thursday, February 22

Thursday – Table Bases

What a gorgeous day we had today; A good day to get lost done.

To start off with I re-made the stand; somehow a piece of maple got into our hickory pile. It looked enough like sapwood hickory that I didn’t catch it until I started machining the parts for the stand – all of which came from this one board – and discovered that it was indeed hard maple. So, I have a stand all done should someone order a set of maple tray tables J. That consumed the morning.

After lunch I set about routing and sanding the spreaders for the leg sets, then I assembled the leg sets with the spreaders to form the 4 table bases. Here I have the table bases setting with the stand and the panels atht will become the trays.

I got it all done about on time, but then decided to take advantage of the nice warm weather to clean up the shop; vacuum, put away extra tools, organize the wood scraps from this project, and such. The sun is going down now and the air temperature is starting to drop off. Time to quit.


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