Tuesday, February 13

Tuesday – Shanghaied

This morning we accomplished our deliver, camera shopping and our business meeting. Then we decided to head for Asheville today instead of tomorrow as we had planned. Tomorrow is Marie’s birthday, and she wanted to tour the Grove Arcade and have a special lunch at Catz & Dawgs. Yes, that's right; her birthday is on Valentines day -- and that is totally appropriate! But, the weather forecast is for rain today and tomorrow, but getting much colder tomorrow. Getting through the mountains on icy roads is not fun. So we decided to go for it today while it’s just wet. This evening we’re processing some new orders and handling some bookkeeping. Then we’ll curl up and watch a movie. Something romantic for Valentines Day, like ‘I Married a Monster From Outer Space’. OK, we’re just weird. I don’t know what Marie’s plans for tomorrow are but I’ll sneak off to the shop if I can, Carol, I promise. Doug-Bob

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