Tuesday, February 20

Tuesday – Trimming & Shaping

This day was spent trimming and shaping the parts for Carol’s tray table set. The trickiest of these are the rails that will run around the tray tops. Not only do we need perfect miters at the corners, but they must be the exact lengths. Too long and the panels we make will be too loose and the tray will come apart, too short and the rails will not reach around the panel and there will be gaps at the corners. Just right and everything will fir properly and form a solid assembly that will last for many, many years.

By the end of the day we have an interesting collection of parts that have been trimmed to exact size and, where needed, shaped. The handle and legs of the stand require the most work in this department. We have not yet done the routing to round over edges. We’ll get to that tomorrow along with boring the pilot holes, counter sinks and counter bores that will be needed to assemble the parts with screws.

See you then.


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