Thursday, March 1

Thursday – Finish Sanding

I spent all morning finish sanding Carols tray table set. This we always do by hand, no power equipment because it gives us a good opportunity to scrutinize everything. I look for blemishes that need fixing, anything that doesn’t fit exactly right, etc. We set each table and the stand up on the table saw – which is our only guaranteed perfectly flat surface – to see that they set level; all four feet touching.

Normally I would then vacuum and tack ragged them then set up to shoot the lacquer. But today it is pouring rain. Way too humid for lacquer. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler but dry, so I’ll shoot them tomorrow.

Instead I spent most of the afternoon resawing and surface planning walnut lumber for Ros’ bag handle order. I pulled out what I thought I would need but by the time I cut out the gnarly bits I didn’t have quite enough for 50 pair, so will have to put in another session tomorrow or Saturday.

I was forced to take a break this afternoon when it was pointed out to me that the horrendous winds we were having today had torn up some of the tin siding on one corner of our new building. NOT GOOD!! So I had to go fix that. Thankfully, it stopped raining long enough for me to do this, then started up again just as I was done.

See you tomorrow.


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