Friday, March 9

Friday – Finishing

Today is the big day – in more ways than one. First, this is the day we finish sand and shoot Edmond’s table with lacquer. But it’s also the day we close on our mortgage that will allow us to acquire a larger workshop. So we have lots to celebrate.

Finish sanding is always done by hand and under a bright light here, it gives us the chance to scrutinize the piece as we work it over, we’ll catch the little things that were difficult to see while building it and fix them before they spoil the finish we’re about to apply.

After hand sanding with 150 grit non-loading paper, we vacuum it and tack rag it to remove all sanding dust. Then we break out the lacquer and our HVLP sprayer and apply one good coat. Lacquer will – most times – be ready to sand in a half hour instead of eight hours as most oil based finishes require. So we can scuff sand it, re-coat, scuff it again and apply a third coat all in one day. I will be able to get the skim-coat of polyurethane (applied only to the tray top to protect it from modern living) applied before closing up for the night. That will give it plenty of time to cure out.
Then I can package it up Monday morning and it will be ready to go out on Monday’s UPS truck.
I like Edmond’s choice of woods; the walnut and cherry look good together. Hope you enjoy it Edmond!


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