Wednesday, March 7

Wednesday – Tray Top

This morning I started off by working up a bid that was requested a couple of days ago. Then I headed for the shop to trim the cherry panel we made yesterday for Edmond's Heavy Duty Tray Table to finished size, cut a backer board to mount it to and mounted it. Then I milled out the walnut rails that go around the top, grooved them and mitered them to length.

After dry fitting them to be sure they fit properly, I applied glue inside the rail grooves and bonded them to the backer board of the tray panel – NOT to the cherry panel. This needs to be free to expand and contract with humidity. A band clamp holds everything tightly together overnight.

I finished out the afternoon by roughing out the blanks needed for the leg assembly and trimming them to size.

I have to knock off a bit early this afternoon to attend a meeting. Tomorrow we’ll make the parts for the rest of the table.

See you then!


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