Thursday, March 15

Wednesday - More Little Jobs

Today I completed the finishing on Judy's back-ordered bag handes and pulled the maple I'll need for John's stopper rack and tile frame. I also worked a good deal on the entertainment center design for Marie. I got to where I needed some feedback from her on details, so I turned my attention to bookkeeping for the late part of the afternoon. John wants a stopper rack that is 5 tiers high and has space for 7 stopper on each tier, and he wants it all made of maple but with the body stained Classic Cherry. I've worked out the math and the lay-out design for these design modifications. The maple needs to have a few days to acclimate to the workshop environment before we start cutting into it. The entertainment center is going to be a hair-puller; it's a built-in. Normally I don't do built-ins because that really requires that I be able to get very precise measurements of the space and install pieces as they are built. A little difficult to do when I'm in Tennessee and my client is in California, or Florida, or New York. But this gal is local, so it can be done. The last time we tried this was for Rev. Calvin's "Pastor's Study"; two huge bookcases with a large computer desk between them that spanned the entire end of a room and had a large window over the desk. It turned out well, everything fit -- although I was worried for a bit about one part. The biggest problem with built-ins is that builders rarely build houses with walls that are straight and square to one another. Professional cabinet makers have ways of compensating for these errors, but I'm not a cabinetmaker and never have been . The "cabinets" I make are all free-standing, not hung on a wall. There are major differences between the two styles. I don't know the cabinet makers tricks but I'm learning a few of my own to help compensate for the inaccuracies of house builders. These things keep life interesting. Doug-Bob

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