Tuesday, March 13

Tuesday – Bag Handles

Before I launch into the next big project I’m going to get a couple of the small things out of the way – since we do have some slack in the production schedule for a change.

What I’m planning for today is to get at least one pair of cherry bag handles made to complete Judy’s order. Her walnut handles were “on-hand” and have been shipped, but the cherry ones have to be made up. If I can get a pair or two extra done while I’m at it, so much the better.

Had I received this order a few days earlier I could have included them in the handle run Brian and I just did (50 pair in walnut) – Brian put the final coat of finish on them yesterday so they should be ready to ship out today – if Ros’ payment shows up. But it didn’t come in until after the other run was underway, so we’ll do them as a “one-off” order. I will, however, include some cherry handles in the next batch.

There is still indecision as to the design of the Futon Sofa for Dolly, so that order will get skipped for now, and we’ll proceed with the walnut entertainment center for Marie.

To start that I need to draw up a formal design; since this is a completely custom piece. I’ll start on that after making Judy’s handles.

I got two pair of cherry handles made and the first coat of oil on. They have to cure overnight and another coat applied tomorrow morning.


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