Tuesday, March 6

Tuesday – Deja Vu

Yestarday (Monday) we suffered a computer conundrum. It was one of those things taht happens to everyone who uses a computer long enough. I managed to get it straightened out, but it took most of the day. It probably would have taken someone more knowleagable about 15 minutes. In the end, the only real damage we suffered was the loss of a whole bunch of e-mail messages. Distressing, but not the end of the world.

Today’s task seemed mighty familiar somehow... maybe because we’re making another tray table. This morning I had to take the truck and make a propane run and take care of some errands that have been needing to be done. This afternoon I cross cut some figured cherry planed it down and ripped it into ribbon stock on the band saw.

Then I edge glued the ribbons into half panels. When the glue was set up enough to get away with it, I surface planed the half-panels, jointed the center edges and glued them into a full panel.

This I’ll let set in clamps overnight.

See you then!


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