Friday, January 5

Wednesday & Thursday

These days were spent in personal pursuits. Mostly. Wednesday I was running hither & yon acquiring supplies needed for the next phase of our construction project, trying to fix a friends’ computer, and purchasing some new tools. Thursday I worked on Smoky Mountain Woodwork's RSS feed set-up and our Google Base feed, but at the same time produced the two stain sample boards that have been ordered. These were to be finished in polyurethane, so there were long periods of dry time when I could produce no dust. I had hoped to get more done in the shop, but wasn’t feeling well, and experience has shown me that if I rest a bit when I first start feeling poorly I’ll loose one day; if I push it to get something very important accomplished I’ll end up loosing several days to sickness. So it seemed a good time to do these stain boards and try to rest some. I’ll be back in the shop on Friday. Doug

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