Wednesday, January 17

Wednesday – Drawer Pedestal

The day started off by milling 10 more drawer glides for use in the drawer pedestal. These glides have a tolerance of 1/32 of an inch, so we sneak up on the exact size and take care that they are straight. After drilling the mounting holes and sanding them smooth we position them using a special jig. Again; very close tolerances, they must be exactly where we need them to be or the drawers will not run smoothly. Taking a few moments to double check the positioning of the jig is worth while.

Pilot holes are carefully drilled and screws inserted. No glue.

After the glides are mounted to both side panels, these panels are glued and screwed to the back panel. [17002]The 5 spacers or spreaders are them milled, drilled for pocket screws and attached. These not only position the pedestal side panels but strengthen the whole structure.

Finally the kneehole apron is made and attached with glue and screws.

And that is the end of another day.


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